Atlas of the Sensory Organs: Functional and Clinical Anatomy by András Csillag

By András Csillag

A richly illustrated clinical atlas of the 5 major human sensory platforms including their neural pathways, from fundamental sensation to processing by means of the mind. The authors supply a close anatomical survey of every sensory organ, protecting their ontogeny (development), imperative pathways, and sensible mechanisms. Highlights contain microanatomy and endoscopic photographs of the temporal bone, human embryonic specimens demonstrating the histology of the constructing ear, and scanning electron micrographs of the organ of Corti and the vestibular receptors. There also are easy-to-use tables offering an outline of the nerves and arteries of the attention and orbit and medical specimens of the attention and optic pathways. A spouse compact disc comprises excessive answer copies of the colour illustrations utilized in the book.

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